Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to Open a File CorelDraw X7 In All Versions x3 x4 x5 x6 Without Convert

Today I learned that I think is a nice tutorial to be divided on a user's friends CorelDraw.Many who claim issues opening files or CDR CorelDraw karen their differences on the CorelDRAW version used.
CorelDraw file x7 will not immediately be opened with old versions are like CorelDraw 11 12 x3 x4 x5 or x6
Maybe diartikel web blog Desai already discussing How To Open File CorelDraw in Lawa Versions exist that use the online system to convert some are setting up version of CorelDraw save time. My example X7 design with printing while in use x3, then it can be a way to change the version of the storage time into Corel x3.
Now there is a new tutorial that has the same functionality so that files could CDR Opens in CorelDraw all versions without having to Convert File first. Curious? The following is a tutorial:

1. go to File Your design is up to you regardless of the version of CorelDraw pakek design.
Here I design with CorelDraw X7 I select the most recent because of its ability to more lost interest and let me say nowadays. Hehehe

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2. The figure shows the Hasidic design that I do in CorelDraw X7. Vector files so that I can keep open at CorelDraw 12 x3 x4 x5 x6 then I do the following steps. 

 3. The image above shows I do CorelDraw file storage

  1. Saya klik Save (Ctrl+s)
  2. Dibagian Save As Type say pilih format CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange 
  3. Kenudian Click Save

4. Consider the following steps in garbar.
  • I headed to the file where I keep my design files from the earlier one, then I click Right select Property
  • General I disregarded enable Read Only, then click Ok.

5. Step deposit has been completed now you can open the design results in CorelDraw version Lawa s you like.
  • Klik Open (CTRL+O)
  • Then select the file format design CMX earlier.

And Tara ,, sekarng you already have CorelDraw format that can be opened in all versions.

If this article useful please share your keteman yes, ready to know they needed.

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