Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Update 100+ Tutorial Photoshop

A long time I did not play with photoshop, so lately I want try reopen on shared memories Photoshop, where proseccing Bithmaps application is an application to edit photos the world's best photo design.

from all over the world are already using Photoshop in many needs, of which only make the picture brighter, to manipulate images menajadi amazing pictures, the author sediri really like using Photoshop in many needs.

well as a knowledge must be transmitted so in a few weeks time we will discuss the world PHOTOSHOP complete, let us learn to design, design and design. may be a useful science.

1. How to Make Simple 3D Text

in the first tutorial we will create a 3D text sanat easy to create with Photoshop.

If you just use Photoshop then this is not a mandatory tutorial you try. Let us refer to this following tutorial.

1. Make Worksheet Open your Photoshop and adjust the size as in the picture below, the size of the resolution 1200x1200px with 72.

2. Create Text after the entry in your worksheet, now create a text with Type Tool (T) and create an article TYPE here I am using the Font  Franklin Gothic Heavy or up to you to use different font types.
3. Create Text Become Two text that you created earlier attack did Copy Paste so that we have two the same text. kemudan sliding a little below it.
4. Combine the two Text. before we create a new Layer Layer> New> Layer. Then  using the Polygonal Lasso Tool   we created sebuahh connecting the two text fields above
, Kemduan areas that we have made we give color # 990000
5. Giving Effect Dark.  because we already have a 3D text effect next langakah is membari effect shadow or dark side in order to better provide an attractive light shades. The first pick an area where we want to Rabah into the dark side. Kemudan select an area that will be dark dibut using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and then press CTRL + J command is used to duplicate the selected area.

6. Adding Shadows Effect. we Bauta is becoming more attractive shadow specify the source of light coming and also where the shadow falls. Select the area you want to be the effect of shadows kemudan go to  Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay 

add a bit of light on the surface of the text using  Layer> Layerstyle> Gradient Overlay

and the result is as follows

7. Make the background. 

The next step is to add texture background so tampilanya more interesting. Press CTRL + A to select all layers.
then you can search the background of the internet and add in the bottom layer. the results are as follows.
8. Create a square with a black color right then put the top layer. remove the central part of the  Eraser Tool  you can see as the following picture

9.Tabahkan text as a description of this 3D Logo, and the end result of one of the tutorials  Update Tutorials 100+  is as follows

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