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How To Make FACEBOOK Logo In CorelDraw

welcome friends CorelDraw design, already two days I speckle post CorelDraw tutorial again We understandably so .. yesterday it was the duty of a friend so ngak sempet create designs again. thanks for loyal :) CorelDraw is the software-based design Vectorwhere Corel it is intended to make an image that initially no be no, yes more or less as it is, in my experience CorelDraw it is very easy to use, ranging from a worksheet that has a diameter wide, so we can be pleased today to create the design.

This evening we will discuss  Tutorial Corel Draw Recent Make Social Media Facebook Logo why I took the theme of social media? 

The reason was to create a logo sebuh social media has a different look than other social media ..: D

rather than talk at length and does not connect yuk we see tutorial on this one

Corel Draw Tutorial Recent Make Social Media Logo Facebook

software : Corel Draw x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8
Time: + - 10 minutes
Theme: Social Media Logo Youtube

as a result of this tutorial is as berikit

1. Like the previous tutorials of course you must open a new worksheet and create a document with a size of A4,

2. The second step is you have to make a circle, the circle serves to put the logo up later,
enable Elipse Tool then press CTRL  and drag the cursor to create sebuat circles really round. you can see in the picture below.

in the same way to recreate a lingaran that size is much smaller and put it inside the big circle, you can see in the picture below.

3. in this section we enter staining, most large circle Enable then click Fountain Fill and will appear as a layer below, follow peawrnaan appropriate way in the following figure.    

The results are as follows

4. then in the same way now enable much lbih small circle and you can follow the staining as follows

if you've done setiingan colors as described above, you will find the following color

5. Now enter the coloring at the smallest circle here we are still using the  Fountain Fill and follow these steps

then you will find the smallest circle color as follows

6. langah to 6 we will make a circle premises effects Transparency Redraw a denan lingakaran Elipse tool as follows. circle-shaped bit stretched, so you do not have to pressCTRL  again

Circles that have been made later put on 3 lingaran that we paint the above, then give the white color. you can see in the picture below

7. The next rare enable Trasnsparancy Tool      then click on lingaran white and pull up, then the picture will be transparency.

make a chart 

in this phase we will be more use Bezier Tool    how to use it is to draw a line and we had to bring the end of the start line to start again supa end of the field that we make we can paint

8. Bezier Tool to create a field as shown below

9. then with the Shape Tool make the field into a curved lines with a pointed end. So that the line can be made into a turn you must enable the Convert Line Curve

And the results of our work adalalah image as shown above.

10. in this phase we will enter the stage of re-staining is using Fountain Fill doing color settings as shown below  

and the results of our work are as follows CorelDraw

11. Still using Beizer Tool Create a line again as follows
12. The line beut then be turned and paint the lines. until it looks like as I gave the red arrows.

13. unite garafis field we've created the first lingaran that we created earlier and the results are as follows

Make effect is Naga

`14. Still make use Bezier Tool Draw a curve like the following pattern

15. to activate the Shape Tool and Convert Line To Curve we will make the lines become tapered and curved
the result is as shown above.

16. sekarnag create a foot on the dragon

17. The line set with the Shape Tool and Convert Line To Curve, and we can see the results as follows

18. teresbut foot united with the body of the dragon that we have made 
Enable both fields then click the Weld      and the result will be as follows

19. create a field again, in the same way as we have already discussed diaatas, so here I will not discuss in detail again.

 Then put it right in the palm of a dragon.
20. enter the part again with settinga color staining as follows

and the results can be obtained as shown below

section pattern that we created in the head you can paint it with different colors namelyDark gold.
21. The final stage is to combine the pattern that we have made so that it becomes as shown below.

Thanks for dropping by at this simple tutorial CorelDRAW, may be useful, if there are constraints on the menu seilahkan ask kommen
regards design
regards outstanding
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