Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Easy to MAKE THE BROCHURE STICKER pamphlet with CorelDraw

either we go back to the tutorial CorelDraw for All Versions. because this tutorial can be run on all types of CorelDraw, type this tutorial is a continuation of sebelunya which makes Brochure With CorelDraw.

Easy Ways to MAKE 
 with CorelDraw

a tool that we use almost the same as the previous tool that difference is the color and penempatanya alone .. "Melepasmu". Well let this trial tutorial ya .. hopefully pleasing lovers of CorelDraw Indonesia.

--CorelDraw X7 ---
time: Less than 10 minutes 
themes: Knowledge Sharing Network sepetutar 
Location: In a quiet room: D | Still lonely :(
Nb: This tutorial I created in CorelDraw X7, but they also worked in CorelDraw 11 12 x3 x4 x5 x6  because all the amenities already available.

------------------------------------------------ ----------- 
1. look at the picture below I will explain some of the effects that we use CorelDraw tutorial preformance this one.
from the image above can I explain as follows

1. Is the downloaded images of "Google" you can easily search for the keywords "Network Wallpaper"

2. to nomr two you can draw them by using the " Pen Tool" as you can see in the picture there below. 

 3 and 4. there could make the menu "rectangle tool or F6" as shown below

to give effect to cast shadows on the image that I give the green color you can use the "Drob Shadow" by the way.  
activate tool it and then click on the field - hold and drag the collar down or where shadows would you make, as shown below.
 the subsequent effect that we use is "transparency" This tool is used to create objects that we make become thinner. look at the picture below, 
click on his tool. and enable   "Uniform Transparency" located in the upper left corner.

click on the area to transparency, and the result will be like the image that I put orange Korak below

for other pictures you can look it up on google easily, oh yes one more fonts that I use is "You're Gone" N ah that was a little explanation of design articles on this occasion. may be useful ya guys. Do not forget to Follow me G + me ya .. Thanks.


 STICKER pamphlet with CorelDraw

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