Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tutorial 17 MINUTES Make BANNER BROCHURE The ATTRACT with CorelDraw

This article will discuss or provide a tutorial CorelDraw very basic, but the result is likely to attract your attention. in CorelDraw article I titled "ONLY 17 MINUTES Make BANNER BROCHURE The ATTRACT with CorelDraw"
actual banner that I made this just takes less than 10 minutes, but because I like the number 17 with less then I make it to 17 minutes hehe. yuk than discuss the execution is not clear immediately wrote ya articles on how to create a banner with CorelDraw.a

--CorelDraw X7 ---
time: Less than 10 minutes 
the theme: college kids Bazar 
Location: In a quiet room: D 
Nb: This tutorial I created in CorelDraw X7, but they also worked inCorelDraw 11 12 x3 x4 x5 x6 because all facilities are already available.1. make a rectangle corresponding to the size you want. if here I use a 1x3 size, with a menu as shown below.

you just turn the tool on top and make areas such as below

 after so you can create a rectangle again, and let the colors Orange and Black color to enhance his performance. I mean as a background. the result is as shown below.
Maukkan text according degan banner theme would you make. here I made a banner sebuat activities, of course, the content of the Benner is
Name of activity
Time and Location
Terms and conditions
Organizations that create activities | and the result was like this.

To create a shadow cast on the article or text then I use a tool called "Drop Shadow". 
-Enable tefeknya
-Click on the text
diaman shadow-pull collar will you put
And hail the end is like this.

The next step is to add some images 
Organization logo
Figure supporters >> for this image can be found easily on the internet.ngak I will discuss it here.

For placement of the picture there could read "How to move the picture forward or backward Objects". Thanks for dropping by to blog and our simple tutorial " JUST 17 MINUTES Make BANNER BROCHURE The ATTRACT with CorelDraw"  , if there are problems related to this article you can leave it in the box comment. "TO GET THE ROUTINE posts GOOGLE + ACCOUNT PLEASE FOLLOW ME YA ..: D"

Tutorial 17 MINUTES Make BANNER BROCHURE The ATTRACT with CorelDraw

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