Tuesday, 29 November 2016

20 Minutes MAKE COOL BROCHURE Event With CorelDraw X3 X4 X5 X6 X7

Happy today I can share more knowledge about the design of CorelDraw.Excuse me in making this tutorial is to share the knowledge I will design CorelDraw.

Maybe out there many who discuss the same topic, but it's not my work, so kesimpulanya if CorelDraw tutorials out there are many, of course, I can also make dong .. yoo: D Just Kidding.

Totorial design articles and I still smell-the smell Brochures, Banners Phamflet, Stickers. why like that, after my analysis of the system percarian google. apparently some of these topics are the most sought after people.

how happy I am when this article was found helpful people and for the people. reward kept flowing. : D
Pictured above is the final result of this tutorial perjuangn, sorry if less than perfect, because perfect yes only belong to the "above".

--- --- CorelDraw x7

time: Less than 25 minutes
theme: Kegiatn Marriage Seminar "Loh Now I have to come": D
Location: In a quiet room: D
Nb: This tutorial I created in CorelDraw X7, but they also worked in CorelDraw 11 12 x3 x4 x5 x6 because all facilities are already available.

1. The first step you should do is create a worksheet with your desired size.here I use A4 size. A size and setandart brochure that is good for at tempel2 or distributed.

By utilizing the tool Rectangle you can make a square or rectangular

Make sebuh essay on the theme of the event or activity you are, here I wrote "End Jomblomu" 

So that singles do not taper yak: D

from the image above I utilize "Interaktive Fill Tool" This tool serves to create a combined color effects of different colors. setting as necessary yes. I would ngak menjelaskanya at length, because I know you'll figure it out myself and so you will be able to remember this one tool.
2. For the placement of my name makes it very simple. a combination of a rectangle and a triangle is not equilateral sebuh and I mix as shown below.Font "Black Aria"

3. Placement of the other text I only provide a circle with different colors as below.

 4. To Background I took from Google to the Boston Flower key which means bunga.:D dude that I downloaded me give effect "transparansy"as shown below 

and the next is to combine all the fields that we have made. and consequently this is the result of our work a 20-minute dive.

Thanks for dropping by to our simple article. if you want memdapatkan our latest postings please follo google + account our yea ...

20 Minutes MAKE COOL BROCHURE Event With CorelDraw X3 X4 X5 X6 X7

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