Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Corel Draw Tutorial - Creating Comics Anime Cartoon Naruto Figures With Ease

welcome back to our latest Corel Draw tutorials on this occasion we will learn to create a cartoon anime one of the characters in the series "NARUTO". yup prepared which sekarng ngak familiar with cartoons this one. naruto cartoon saudah I enjoy my sejal dudukmdi junior high school. 

at that Naruto be one cartoon ngak be missed before the sunset adhan was prepared in front of the TV screen. heheh.
Interested in one of the hidden characters Naruto movie dam that is Tsunade, he was one of the Hokage or president in Konoha, ie countries where Naruto live.

Okay back to the initial topic we will learn to create anime cartoons we draw from one of the characters in Naruto fil.

1. Create a worksheet you in Corel Draw

2. Turn the Pen Tool, this one tool we can use to make a line pattern that we can at will warnaio

Lanmgkah I made eyeball Tsunade, on the left is that I have united and are colored black and brown. 

On the right is a sketch outline of eyes yan we make.

3. Still using the same tools, I continue to draw part of her hair, you normally see in the image below.

Ber picture my hair brown, according to the character of the cartoon Naruto Tsunade.

 4. Continue part of his face, still using the Pen Tool. D an outcome you can see below.

 6. because we pakek tool is still the same, so I shorten yes directly to the tutorial, now of all of the sketch of his body, you can see that we made a lot of lines, according to the colors to be  
combined. Also Read: How to Make Cartoon People With CorelDraw


7. Do pearnaan maximum, according to the figures kareakter there, so that later no one. For your background tingga create a square and give color effects like pictures we've made below, or you can also customize what you want.

Well that was the result of learning day in, hopefully there masig longevity, be connected again.,

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