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Sometimes we have to learn about something new, to find out how our capabilities. to keep trying something new we will be increasingly well trained and will be a lot of experience. The same thing applies to the design world, they know who is good in the world of design is not directly so they could make an outstanding work. certainly they juag undergo a process where the first work they were never considered by the people.

kritika spicy certainly been earned by all of the design, but it is not the end.From there we will be more semangt to create new works of art pernuh with meaning.

Try to continue to work with so you will be smiling to himself see the designs that once you make. you must also consider your first design is rubbish.

jangn above text is considered just ignore it, because we are going to focus, to carry out the tutorial 

20 Minutes Easy Ways to Make COVER BOOK Corel Draw With Latest
Software : Corel Draw X7 12  x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8
Time: 20 Minutes
Location: Rooms darling
Date: August 17, 2016 hours :)

Okay bagimana manufacturing process let us consider the following steps.

1. Open the worksheet CorelDraw. 
You can see the picture above. create a new worksheet can be in 3 ways. 
  • Click the small icon above 
  • klik New Document
  • Press CTRL + N
2. The second stage yan make some fields we will use as a sweetener in the manufacture Book Cover with Corel Draw. You can activate the tool named Pen Tool, and make some patterns as shown below.

3. to give the effect of solid colors and thin like the picture above you can about enabling a tool called Interactive Fill Tool or press G. 

Memudian click on the image you are going to paint and make the settings as gamar below. do the same thing on several fronts that we created above.
4. If you already berahsil make the color as above, you should now create a basic color that serve as Background. Create a long persehi, here I makethe size of the latter.

Degan same commands as No. 3. Cover Books do the coloring so that we can make to become more attractive.

5. If you've finished the above steps, now try to menyusunya in shape and interesting position as follows.
6. The last phase is to give the text seseuai with tutorial we ever make.now you can print the results of your best design.
 If you feel that tutrial Corel Draw is useful, please share it with your friends. and we will feel very happy if you give feedback for this tutorial.

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