Friday, 21 April 2017

How To Design a Tattoo Floral Using corelDRAW

Welcome back to the Tutorial CorelDraw, after a few days I OFFLINE now back again to explore the online world. was confused what to do, then I cherry-looking tutrorial CorelDraw, and arise mostly from Blog GuruCorel . but there is one image that attracted me is to make a tattoo with effect Multiply in Corel Draw, and sorry for this post simply repost the results only from blogs I hope you can learn this tutorial or you visit the site directly.
nah daril final results are as shown above, all remind Oh yes, unntuk you who like tatoan, immediately repent because the tattoo was in dalarang in Islam. But in this tutorial is only as an example to make the design by utilizing the effect of Multiply is an effect that you can use to unify the image so that the image becomes stuck. Continue on the tutorial latest CorelDraw her.

Figure 1
Figure 2

1. Open your favorite CorelDraw, create a new worksheet.
2. enter gamar 1 and Figure 2, you can find free on the Internet in accordance keininan you or use your photos sesndiri.

3. then stacking the two photos like this

4. Now select the image 2 or the image of tattoos and enable commands Transparency Tool that you can get in the Tool Box on the left.
5. Note that in the circle above, is now changed to be as shown below, and Figure 2 becoming fused with the figure 1.

6. The final stage is the correct position by shifting using the Pick Tool

Well iu had a simple tutorial on the latest CorelDraw GURUCOREL could hopefully benefit and provide some insight for you, janga easily satisfied to continue learning.

How to Make Tattoo Effects | Recent CorelDraw

Criticisms and suggestions so we expect to this blog, so the future of this blog can be a blog that really benefit.

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