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Good night my friends in the world CorelDraw, on this occasion we will make a Line Art is a work of art in CorelDraw that rely on processing an gari and one color intact.

because it is very special tutotial then I will present in the form of a very brief and easy to understand. we immediately wrote to the tutorial. 

Software : CorelDraw x7

Tutorial : LINE  ART VECTORTime : 10 Minute

1. Open your favorite CorelDraw. here I use CorelDraw x7
2. Prepare the ingredients, here I am using a motorcycle racer photos GP.
3. Enter the photo above to the worksheet CorelDraw 
4. Turn the Pen Tool then the parts you want to make Line Art. First we start from his brow in advance and then let the color black as a color that we use. you can see in the following gabmar.
Read  How to create a line

5. Current-up on the eyes and nose.
Further section nose and mouth using the Pen tool
and the result is as following
6. Now we will go on the hair for the hair part is we make a wide field with one warn of the color black. less like the image below.

7. Do the same thing on the ear.
8. Further on the bjunya, we abmil little to be made in Line Art.
9. Since Rossi memili mustache and beard were a little thin so we too herus make 
10. and here is the result of our tutorial Line Art CorelDraw,
nah it was a little short tutorioal membut Line Art, CorelDraw, may be useful for you, and keep the spirit to create new works
source: http://www.desainsekarang.com/2015/08/membuat-line-art-vector-di-corel-draw.html

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Belajar Desain said... 23 April 2017 at 08:34

tutorialnya sangat bermanfaat

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