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Software Design CorelDraw also supports facilities for Scan Image. Type Scan images CorelDrawa is to utilize the Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), which provides a standard for image konejsu in Scan.

 If your scanner does not support WIA, but have a compatible TWAIN driver, you may be able to use this driver for Scanner Image in  Corel Draw. TWAIN is supported by 32 - bit and 64 - bit versions of CorelDRAW.However, note that there are very few 64 - bit TWAIN d river is available.The Easy Way 'SCAN PICTURE' With Latest CorelDraw 1. Open your CorelDraw 2. Click Acquire Image and follow the next display
  • Select WIA source > for types that use driver Scanner WIA
  • Select TWAIN Source > for types that use driver Scanner TWAIN

Command if the WIA driver coud be used (compatible) or TWAIN scanner driver is not installed. 3. follow the dialog box that appears 4. Pilh Select 5.Select File> Acquire Image- Preview Image. 6. select Scan Now it step scan documents with CorelDraw facilities, if anyone would like to ask you please just .. comment bermanfaar for us.

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