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Let us learn Corel Draw from the bottom so that later can be used with the current, Corel Draw one article I will explain some of the functions of the tools available in the following figure. No NEW-OPEN-SAVE-PRINT-CUT-COPY-PASTE-U N DO-REDO. and the following is an explanation of the tool ..

1. New: for this tool is used to create a new document in Corel Draw, Corel Draw in all versions of this tool tersedi  could with the keys CTRL + N.

2. Open : Command indicated to open files that have CDR formats, the original format of Corel Draw  to the button CTRL + O.

3. Save: command which is used to store the results of the design you can with the keys CTRL + S.

4. Print: The command used to print the results desan already so get with the keys CTRL + P.

5. Cut: Used to move a block of a particular design by eliminating Suber original file can be with the keys CTRL + X.

6. Copy: Command Corel Draw to augment existing block file in the worksheet can with key CTRL + C.

7. Paste: The command to put the results of the Cut and Copy previously be done with the command CTRL + V.

8. Undo: Command to cancel the one-step movement or effects that have been made.

9. Redo: If you want to cancel the Undo command, you can use Redo command.

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