Tuesday, 29 November 2016

CorelDraw Tutorial How to Make a Simple Interest Seminar Brochure Harleys Only 10 Stages

Still in CorelDraw tutorial for beginners. we will make again a brochure sminar, usually every activity it feels incomplete if no brochure distributed to support the excitement of the event.

For a brochure that we made this time is the student seminar brochure, with the theme Cloude Computing, type of seminar is now trending in this technological era. because now for the storage media has been based Online or Cloude, which utilize 3rd Party Services to store files or data us.Here is a tutorial in making this seminar brochure. Application: Corel Draw X7 Time: 10 Minute Location: Room deserted Raw materials

1. Open the worksheet Corel Draw your favorite, then create a new file, by clicking the image that we give the red color, or also can press CTRL + N
2. then create a rectangle using Rectangel tool, as shown below. Here we use A4 size.
3. give a color effect on the rectangle that has been created by using effectInteraktive fill tool , or you can press G
In this section we turn Interaktive
Then click on the square footage and dance 
to the right, then do some 
setting at the No. 3.

4. To beautify the text made me add a line that I made menggukan PEN TOOL We add at the end of the letter G and also the lower end of the letterL. As the following figure. Font type Arial.

5. to create a field that I use blue colored rectangle that I Copy into two, one of which I made plainly lopsided as the designated No. 2. The two ends of the rectangle I unite and I click on the icon WELD second panjangtadi square will be one, and finally I gave in blue.

6. to create a transparent effect at the end we did langakh object as shown below.

7. After all the components we butuhka finished, now we arrange all its position 
  • Logo
  • Text
  • CP
  • Mentor 
8. If you find the results of the design with the ends of the lines are not neat, you can memperbaikiny easily, simply by using the Power Clipe. 

  • Create a new rectangle and the size
  • Groub all design results
  • Enable Power Clipe
  • Fired on the rectangle that has been made
  • and the end result is a line ends trimmed
9. The end result has where you can stay and live-keteman you deploy your friends, so kegiatanya be festive. 
Sukuses yes for you who like ngadain activities on campus, be sure what you've created today is your future road penujuk

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