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Welcome back to the Master CorelDraw, this time we'll make a funny interesting character, in making the character is very easy once we simply connect multiple objects using a command chained part Well, how do I? let's refer to the  How to Draw Anime Funny By CORELDRAW.

1. Before you do this tutorial, of course, you have to open your CorelDraw, and then create a new worksheet by pressing CTRL + N 
2. Now create sebuh field Circles and rectangles as shown below. then mash the following picture with the command no 3 is Well.

3. Now create squiggle lines with the following command

I need not explain again how this use, since you can experiment, so that you have a high creativity,

4.  Further to the field of feet and hands.

5. Now we will load the tie, to make this tie is very easy to just use the Polygon tool then I made two types of areas, namely in terms of six and a pentagon, 

Further to the command Shape tool  I pulled the bottom in terms of 5, continued with the color gave the Black, and the results are as follows.

6. To the eye, just use circles only,
 and the result of this tutorial is as follows.

we say thank you for using the tutorial  How to Draw Anime Funny By CORELDRAW this as a learning Mendia you, may be useful,

Drawing an Anime Cartoon in Corel Draw

okay back again we tutorial CorelDraw, on this occasion we will learn to make  Triangulation   using CorelDraw. what it  Triangulation? a work of art that combines field opasiti triangle with a different color, but this color opasiti not have a long distance so that the dimensions of color possessed has its own appeal as a matter of design. haha this is just my own sense of understanding, without any reference :) do not be taken seriously yes ...
How to Make Triangulation
I make it very easy following the tutorial

How to Make Triangulation With Ease

1. Open your CorelDrwa, here I use CorelDraw x7, yet quiet this tutorial can still be used for the legacy versei-x8 x3. ( Hopefully )
How to Make Triangulation
2. then activate the Rectangle tool to create a rectangular field.

3. Now activate the Mesh Fill Tool To make the field into the winding and can be colored in some parts.
How to Make Triangulation
4. The added number of points his Mesh Fill Tool with Double-click on the image side of the rectangle so that it becomes as shown below
How to Make Triangulation
5. that sat coloring becomes more fragmented again you do some of these stages
How to Make Triangulation

6. Now we get into the dyeing phase using a combination of colors as follows. if you use other colors, are allowed, depending on individual taste

7. afterwards at the point Yag shapes you created earlier we paint one by one
and the result is as follows
How to Make Triangulation

8. Further we will create a triangular lot and we arrange such
How to Make Triangulation
Use the sample mesh fill color to color the triangle that we have made

hailnya is like this image
How to Make Triangulation
very easy to right. 
Last stage adalalah I return to you, how you will arrange of the triangular field

How to Make Triangulation With Ease

How To Make Triangulation Art In Corel DRAW x7 x6 x5 x4

Welcome back to the Tutorial CorelDraw, after a few days I OFFLINE now back again to explore the online world. was confused what to do, then I cherry-looking tutrorial CorelDraw, and arise mostly from Blog GuruCorel . but there is one image that attracted me is to make a tattoo with effect Multiply in Corel Draw, and sorry for this post simply repost the results only from blogs I hope you can learn this tutorial or you visit the site directly.
nah daril final results are as shown above, all remind Oh yes, unntuk you who like tatoan, immediately repent because the tattoo was in dalarang in Islam. But in this tutorial is only as an example to make the design by utilizing the effect of Multiply is an effect that you can use to unify the image so that the image becomes stuck. Continue on the tutorial latest CorelDraw her.

Figure 1
Figure 2

1. Open your favorite CorelDraw, create a new worksheet.
2. enter gamar 1 and Figure 2, you can find free on the Internet in accordance keininan you or use your photos sesndiri.

3. then stacking the two photos like this

4. Now select the image 2 or the image of tattoos and enable commands Transparency Tool that you can get in the Tool Box on the left.
5. Note that in the circle above, is now changed to be as shown below, and Figure 2 becoming fused with the figure 1.

6. The final stage is the correct position by shifting using the Pick Tool

Well iu had a simple tutorial on the latest CorelDraw GURUCOREL could hopefully benefit and provide some insight for you, janga easily satisfied to continue learning.

How to Make Tattoo Effects | Recent CorelDraw

Criticisms and suggestions so we expect to this blog, so the future of this blog can be a blog that really benefit.

How To Design a Tattoo Floral Using corelDRAW

When I post this tutorial, if you know this is a week night .. ### so what? yes ngak see why it's only just start to tell,: P. now I am still in Jakarta. # Ngak important . Ah never mind.

 For the episode of this tutorial I will make sebuh brochure ,  pamphlet , or something kalain call it, if you ask me all the same, leaving just the size adjustment only. and at its core is the design.

 On previous occasions I have already made  

20 Minutes MAKE COOL BROCHURE Activity With CorelDraw , 

but I think for the tutorial is less than the maximum and less attractive ,. but somehow could appear on the first page of Google. when you search by keyword  how to create a brochure with CorelDraw
Well from the efaluasi I again made a tutorial on the same theme that makes Brochure or Pampflet with Corel Draw. and as an end result of this tutorial is as follows.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

How this makes .. Let ya in read and read while on trial.



Tutorial: How to Make BROCHURE-flyers in CorelDraw Time: 18 minutes Software: Corel Draw x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x3


1. Open Corel Draw your pet, here I am using Corel x7, so if you use other versions, there may be differences in some position tool that I use.

2. Now create a new worksheet by pressing CTRL + N or click on the picture below.

3. Further create a rectangle with Poteret position with  the Rectangle tool (M). 
     here I use A4 size "

4. Further steps to 4, using the Pen tool we bua two fields such as image a and b in the following figure.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

5. at this stage we will make the field again with the Pen tool kemudaian me give color # 424A53 with CMYK format. as you can lighat her picture c below.
6. If we see the result of this tutorial akhrit in section c has a little black bayang2, if we dismantle will have the following picture sekema

7. Now let us create for field d. I still use the pen tool making field d. then I give a color by using the Interactive fill (G).  kemudan section on my menubar enable Fountain Fill. Further we change color as the No. 3 in the picture below
8. The eighth step is to enter the picture in the field b , here I am using the Power Clip . you can read another tutorial about Power clip here. 
  • First I enter the picture as a medium.
  • I enable images and msauk to Object> Power Clip> Place Inside Frame
  • will appear a big black arrow
  • I point to the fields b
  • and photographs will go on Bisang b
  • the results you can see in the picture this barikut.
Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

9.   still use pen tool I created as GABAR field below and then I add the text in it by using the Text tool (f8)
10. The tenth stage of nearly forgot, we add the triangle e in the back of the field c to look folded back. 
Well we already have the first part. ..
For her part to 2 I will make a tutorial if artike breaks 20 Like

  • For your own logo depend Logo
  • for icon2 can download here if you do not have time to make it yourself

If you want 

This brochure template 

please leave 

Email in Menu Comments


18 Minutes How to Make BROCHURE-FLYER in CorelDraw

Brochure Design Tutorials in corelDRAW X7 X6 X5 X4 X3

Design examples Corel Draw and How to Make -

  For you who are still learning design with CorelDraw, may you find a bunch of stuff I've found this one, here we will learn to design logo with CorelDRAW . If you like denagn I share this tutorial, please share with your colleagues, so they juaga gain new knowledge in the design world.

 Oh yes, "I'm sorry" for this post instead of my own work, but I take from is a site that presents many design tutorials, such as CorelDraw and Photoshop. Adminya himself named    please Kepoin that you better know and acquire new knowledge.

  How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW     

   Why in this tutorial we belalajar create a logo ? If you are indeed wish to pursue the world of design, then create a logo design can menjagi one point that you can elaborated, because if judged by the material, one that is able to create a logo design that is attractive, the work disa sold at very expensive prices could Tens million for the logo.

   in addition you can also follow the greedy-greedy logo design once held seuah many offices, organizations, schools and other sebaginya. like the last one I follow is the logo design of a social enterprise, and the prize is unsparing UMROH GTARIS. but unfortunately it has not sided victory. hehe. Further we at tutorail mebuat Logo Corel Draw.

 Design examples Corel Draw and How to Make it                                         
Name : Tutorial Creating a logo with Corel Draw
Software : Corel Draw x4, (x7 x6 x5x x4x x3)
Duration : 10 Minutes Thinking 5 minutes Working
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW                                      

Learn to Design Logo with Corel Draw

1. Open Coreld rwa your pet and create a new worksheet

2. Using the Polygon tool (y)  that exist in the toolbox , create a field facet 6 . In order facet 6 you make becoming the equilateral then tekean SHIFT on keyboar draw any moment.
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

2. Create a duplicate of the field with a smaller size, 
go to Arrange> Transformation> scale on the scale H and V contents with a value of 65%. > Apply

3. Fngsi of new small field this is to cut or puncture the terms of 6 large fields, the second Blog Trim field will then appear in the menu bar, then click Trim

4. in this section create a rectangle that will be used also to cut facet 6. Select the Rectangle Tool (F6) > block both fields, Select Trim as step 3.
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

5. Now we make a triangle degan Polygon tool (Y) and replace Numer Of The point being 3 . > Rotate be 90 degrees

6. block all areas that we have created. by using the command Weld we will unite Triangle with other fields
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       
7. create a field facet 6 again with a much smaller size, then put it right in the middle of the field which we have previously made.
8. we have now entered the stage of coloring. here I use the colors  C: 79 M: 98 Y: 4 K: 0 and the result is as follows.

9. draw a line using the Freehand tool (F5) and gari in keeping this area.
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

10. By using the  Smart Fill Tool we'll color dareah that we limit the line that you created earlier.

11. create a transparent effect that is more subtle color gradation. here I am using  the Interactive Transparency Tool,  set it as shown below.
12. create a cut line again in terms of 6 small section with the Freehand tool , paint the parts that we have chosen with the Fill tool > Color Blue Purple

13. in the upper left corner kemudiah puree white berui premises Trasnparansi.
14. Further adding text in it by using the Text Tool (f8) with font Arial Black.

15. Later in the text " AUSTRALIA " use font Arial and select the Shape Tool  (F10) and then drag the text to the right or left to widen the distance the text. 
16. Creating shadow effects> create a lingaran using the ellipse tool (F7)  are colored black, further add shadow effects with  Interactive Drop Shadow Tool, you can see in the picture below.
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

17. Separate the shadows with Ellipse that we have created by pressing CTRL + K on keboar. remove areas of the ellipse. and teruh Bayanga shadows we have made under the logo we created earlier.
18. This stage we create a background. 
create a rectangle Rectangle Tool , sesuikan with the size of the logo that we have created. Radial give color effects such as the following using  the Interactive Fill (G).
 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

19. Done.
thank you for making Teacher blog Corel learning media to be one of your designs. may be useful.

Design examples Corel Draw and How to Make it

 How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW       

10 Minute How to Make a Logo with CorelDRAW - Corel Discovery Center