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In making a logo we have to much really could give the meaning of the logo, so your logo we will have selling points, not just the design alone.

as in this tutorial I am going to make an extremely popular electronics logo, namely LG. GoldStar Electronics Co., is a chemical company first in Korea, the company established by Koo and Heo is now a global business.
How to make the LG Logo in CorelDraw?

Here I will explain the stages to create a logo in coreldraw solution specifically conceived for the LG logo, this tutorial is very easy to try it yourself at home, we wish you could enjoy it,

1. Open your CorelDraw. Click Start  >Programs > CorelDraw

2. Create a new worksheet by pressing CTRL + N or click New document.

3. By using the Ellipse Tool to create a circle,
Tipto make the circle round that actually you can add CTRL while creating a circle.

4. COPY and PASTE the circle already created then create, measuring became smaller and put it right in the middle. the large size of the circle to give the red color.

add Color

Resize a line outside the small circle into 16 Pt with white color.

5. to circle the white foxes become 1/3 circle click PIE then click MIRROR VERTIKALLY. as shown in the following figure.

6. Now we'll cut the tangent that is in the center of the circle, using the Shape Tool (F10) click on the section that I give a sign of blue. then click Break Curva to cut the line.

7. Central Line which is already cut off move the position to the center of the circle as in the picture below.

8. make the back small circle with the Ellipse Tool and give it a white

9. the end result of the tutorial CorelDraw made a 3d logo is as follows.

You Can Wach this Video

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