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10 MINUTE - Drawing an ANIME CARTOON  in Coreldraw

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Immediately we will enter the stage of our tutorial,

1. Open your COrelDraw, if you do not have can download at Corel.com
2. Create a New worksheet by entering CTRL + N or it can also click the New Document icon
3. We will start the work using the Pen Tool
If you do not know how to use the Pen Tool you can learn it here, how to bend and create a good curve.
How to use the Pen Tool

4. First we will draw a face, create a line pattern like the following picture.
5. continue goto Hair, this dibaian we use two colors. If described will create a line like the following gamar
6. as I've said working with CorelDraw it makes smile-smile itself if the work we make menajdi look better.

Continue section of face, we will make Eyes, Eyebrows, telingga, Nose and also mouth, still use Pen Tool we can make all tesebut.
7. the next stage we will blind a grip, the pattern of the line that we make is as follows, and you tingga coloring it.
8. we have made a responsibility, go in the clothes, clothes here have 2 colors are gray and black

9. this 9th stage we will make the part of the outfit, and we use the coloring effect withInteractive Fill Tool Follow the draw command

For the right baian you add COpy Paste and give Mirror Effect

10. Continue under Pants and shoes, I will not explain in detail again, because I'm sure you've good at this stage

11. Now we will make a shadow, here we use a circle.
12. Mix all the parts from head to toe, and the result is as follows

Thank you for stopping by our CorelDRAW lesson, if any question can be kommen yes ..: D

10 MINUTE - Drawing an ANIME CARTOON  in Coreldraw

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