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Welcome back to the Master CorelDraw, this time we'll make a funny interesting character, in making the character is very easy once we simply connect multiple objects using a command chained part Well, how do I? let's refer to the  How to Draw Anime Funny By CORELDRAW.

1. Before you do this tutorial, of course, you have to open your CorelDraw, and then create a new worksheet by pressing CTRL + N 
2. Now create sebuh field Circles and rectangles as shown below. then mash the following picture with the command no 3 is Well.

3. Now create squiggle lines with the following command

I need not explain again how this use, since you can experiment, so that you have a high creativity,

4.  Further to the field of feet and hands.

5. Now we will load the tie, to make this tie is very easy to just use the Polygon tool then I made two types of areas, namely in terms of six and a pentagon, 

Further to the command Shape tool  I pulled the bottom in terms of 5, continued with the color gave the Black, and the results are as follows.

6. To the eye, just use circles only,
 and the result of this tutorial is as follows.

we say thank you for using the tutorial  How to Draw Anime Funny By CORELDRAW this as a learning Mendia you, may be useful,

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