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GuruCorel.com  - After a miraculous day I did not make a tutorial, this Klai I will share a simple tutorial to create a kertun biantang. Beast will I make a tutorial in this tutorial is kind of a lion. A tool that we will use only 2 of the Pen tool and Coloring, so this tutorial is very easy to learn for you are a beginner in drawing with Corel Draw. make cartoon animal species is very easy, so you can do it in just 10 minutes, but I believe you can do it much faster than me, Name:  How to Make Cartoon Lion With CorelDRAWSoftware: CorelDraw x7 x6 x5 x4 x3 Time: - 10 minutes :) .
10 MINUTES - How to Make Cartoon Lion With CorelDRAW 1. Like the other tutorials, activate your CorelDraw, and create a new worksheet by pressing Ctrl + N on the keyboard.

2. Turn Pen too, and we'll start working to make a cartoon in Corel Draw. 
3. Make the head. by using the Pen Tool then color in the field that we have created with the color # F4872B

To the Outline give color # C86618, be part of the ends of the line into the taper, you can change the value Mitter Limit becomes the value 0.

4. Further we will make part of his face, still using the Pen tool and then we add color to# FFDF67. 
Once we unite, will be as follows.

5. Further in this section we will make the eyes, nose and mustache. 
To the eyes of our image with the Ellipse Tool (F7)
for the whiskers us a picture with the Pen Tool.

6.  as I said we only use the Pen tool. and the image for the body, the front legs, back, and tail.

then stacking position to be like this

and the last stage in this drawing is combining all that we have made him over, good luck gays.

10 MINUTES - How to Make Cartoon Lion With CorelDRAW

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