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2 Easy Ways to Unlock and Edit File 'AI' 'PDF' 'PSD' 'EPS' In Corel Draw 

Being a designer who is just learning this tutorial sanagt suitable for you, because sometimes we get a file format ber "AI" This format is the work of Adobe Illustator ie close friend Corel Draw (Or they mushuhan: D). These two applications are equally serve to make the Vector File. of course you already know from which company both files. well now you you are loyal users of Corel Draw, but once you get the file extension "AI". How do I edit the file in Corel Draw. Well this was prayer ... (Si Udin Mayor: D) Eh point Here's how: How to Drag And Drop 1. prepare corel draw you have, here I am using CorelDraw x7, ya lah keep pace with the times, let me present ..

2. From the above picture can I explain that no one is fil-format "AI" is still in Explore, then left click and hold MOUSE - then drag and drop worksheet CorelDraw or Drop.

3. If a picture above reveals that it means you do not have some type font in your AI file.

not be a problem immediately wrote skip this step and click Ok. to Fontnnya day you can edit at will according to need.

How to File Import (CTRL + I)

1. In this way we utilize existing facilities in CorelDraw, CorelDraw fasiliata exists in all versions langakah you can do is as follows. click File Select Imports (CTRL + I) select the folder where you saved the file "AI" and click No. 4 "Import"

and now the file is formatted AI can already easily be edited in your Beloved CorelDraw.

Well that was the bit to open a file format that is not the extension CDR. You can also using this tutorial to unlock. PDF, Eps, PSD and other file formats. may be useful and you are happy. Do not Forget My Account Follow ya .. if Beneficial could in those distributed to your friends. Thanks.

2 Easy Ways to Open and Edit File 'AI' 'PDF' 'PSD' 'EPS' In Corel Draw

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