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 made this tutorial night so I say good night to you that love with the world of design in particular those that likes to play Corel Draw. "Just Do not Love mainin Heart ..: D" Good tutorial, we will create an ID card that is very simple, but if you ask me .. hehehe cool anyway. okay we have seen some of the devices we use.

CorelDraw X7

Software: CorelDraw X7 
Theme: ID Card Simple (But Cool my opinion: D) 
Time: - + I need 5 minutes. Well here is the stage of making Cardnya Id .. Nyok we see. 1. Open your darling CorelDraw. whether it be whatever version. Make a rectangular field in accordance with the size of the ID CARD which you will make. by utilizing the tool "Rectangle".

After you successfully create a rectangle, then fill it with silfer like mine above.

2. The second picture you make is a square. with the same tool you can make a square also "Tips: To make the square, you can add CTRL as you pull the cursor".

then you can memperhasil each corner as shown below.

activate the Shape Tool and then click on the square that has been contrived and pull into adjust to the design that you want.

add another square in it and give it a different color as shown above.

3. Create a text that includes your name and personal information about you. either the No. Hp. Email, addres, Position.

using Texts Tool you can edit the text at will.

Now that he stages make an ID CARD cool but simple ,. If you have any questions please comment both on the menu commen under ya.hopefully it is blessed.

5 Minutes Makes ID CARD COOL With CorelDraw | 'TUTORIAL LATEST'
5 Minutes Makes ID CARD COOL With CorelDraw

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